The brief

Mediamarkt (Germany) wanted to present customers with product information in video form and in doing so create a more pleasant shopping experience. Together with our production partner we crafted a fully automated and highly intelligent video pipeline running on our Canvas platform.


It all starts with data

When crafting video’s for thousands of different products one thing is of the utmost importance and that is the data driving all this. Our studio cleverly devised a system where the available product data formed the bases for everything throughout the entire process. Starting with the brand and product groups the item’s data formed the input for the generated (but live-recorded) voice-over, product features and drove everything from the cuts to the titles and the timing of each video. On top of that our platform analysed the available content and chose the most optimal layout and animations based on the media input and the wishes of Mediamarkt.

The results

The result was beyond what we expected. Each video animated, cut and timed with features completely in sync with the voice over resulting in a smooth and rich presentation. The error level quickly dove to 0% rejection completely eliminating the need for our content management and adaptation interface and before we knew it the video’s were rendered, delivered and added to the site without any human intervention.

In doing so we also cut the costs per video by a whopping 80% and basket’s got filled by an additional 4%. All this while adding to the customer journey and online shopping experience.