Albert Heijn wanted to personally wish their most loyal customers a happy New Year by sending them a tailor-made video message delivered by the stars of their successful Youtube channel.


For this piece we worked closely with TBWA, CZAR and Albert Heijn to deliver what we consider a textbook example of seamless personal video messaging. Being able to hit that magic spot where our love for visual effects and automation comes together is something we take great pride in.


The data

Leveraging customer loyalty card data provides for a wealth of creative possibilities. In this film we intelligently used both audible and visual queues that were based on the available data. For content creators like us, being able to help guide the creatives and filmmakers in leveraging data to design creatives, both on and off set really paid off. We took care of visual effects supervision, online-editing, VFX, mastering/finishing and file-hosting. In the end our platform processed and delivered over a quarter-of-a-million unique assets.

The results

From the very start we all knew this personalized illusion works best when, as a viewer, you know that this is actually real. Being able to craft the message into a continuous take and combining it with realistic data-driven VFX elements all contributed to a perfect mix of personal, informative, edgy and mostly fun message. The final results reflected our expectations and our platform showed each individual film averaged a 120% playback ratio.