Exemplar Cases

We labor hard to be punctual and to craft top quality work for our clients and we are serious about being a clear and no-nonsense organization.

Please enjoy a selection of distinct dynamic video cases realised using Canvas.



Albert Heijn wanted to thank their most loyal customers by personally wishing them a happy New Year. Together with TBWA/NEBOKO and CZAR we crafted this seamless personal video, in which the stars of AH's famous Youtube channel personally thanked every one of their most active customers. We were advisers during the pre-production, did on-set visual effects supervision, the visual effects, data management, processed a quarter-of-a-million assets and managed video hosting so Yourzine was able to mail this unique experience to AH's customers.


Vaillant heating systems wanted to equip their subcontractors with an add of their own. Confronted with the task of creating 500 Vaillant ads, Chameleon Digital Vision contacted us. We were pleased to be able to flex our muscles in terms of visual effects and dynamic video. Many elements in the advertisement were dynamic: the logos of the subcontractors, highway signage and even the license plates of the delivery vehicles. As is our standard: visually seamless and automated with a simple webform.


Libresse wanted to introduce their new tins; a small collection of tin boxes to store hygiene products. Shoq-Studio approached us with the idea of empowering users by creating video messages and then sending them to their friends. A literal message in a tin. Thanks to Canvas’ extremely high processing speed and API we easily connected the landing page to our platform. Before we knew it, people started sending messages in tins using various communication platforms and the Libresses brand hitched a ride enjoying exposure and engagement at a fraction of the cost.

Mediamarkt product videos

Mediamarkt (Germany) wanted to create individual videos about every product in their merchandise range in order to inform customers on the main features and benefits of a product through video. However, crafting thousands of videos is an extremely expensive process using traditional methods. Our solution: creating an automated environment that was fed a voice-over, product data-sets and images that generated over a thousand videos.