Platform Conception

The Canvas platform has many features and applications throughout the customer funnel journey. It's flexible nature and API is a perfect companion for many different video oriented tasks. There are a lot of amazing and creative ways to leverage data and drive content. Check out Canvas' most used features to date.


Personal video messaging

Personal video messaging has proven to be exceptionally effective and, most of all, a fun way to connect to your customers. Leverage available data to make your message more relevant by driving copy, edits and even audio. Personal video messages are specifically effective in strengthening your customer relationship while providing information that's relevant.


localizeD video advertising

Localized video advertising pushes online video ads from the broadcast era into the now. It opens up a new world of possibilities for your campaigns to become more relevant.  Canvas will adjust your online video commercial to the interest of the viewer. Select different deals for different parts of a region or demographic, adjust prices on the currency of a country, select different scenes depending on the demographic or show different deals depending on the local weather forecast.


Online video campaigns

With Canvas you can empower users to take part in your brand and claim ownership over the generated video content using dedicated campaign websites requesting videos on the fly! The benefit being each video can actually be shared on social media and in turn can generate a wealth of viral shares, impressions and interactions.


narRowcasting & Outdoor

Canvas video provides an excellent way to add extras to your narrowcasting and digital out-of-home advertising. Leverage different types of (live and localized) data; the ever changing weather, location, special discount codes, time of day or seasons to drive the elements shown in your advertisement.


Product videos

Product (retail) videos are videos generated by images, copy and video, readily at hand. These are especially suitable for (web)shops that have a large, changing library of products and wish to present their products in video form; be it on the website, anywhere else online or in-store. Typically all the information and content is available and can be easily integrated in visual animations conforming to your brand identity.


Sales TOOL

Add the name and/or logo to the sales pitch video you wish to present to your leads in a first meeting! Or send your new lead a welcome video with their name and/or logo in it. With Canvas it is a nearly effortless to create an eye opening experience and it is a simple way to show your lead that you care about their business.