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Dynamic video allows the viewer to connect and be apart of the media content. Canvas video allows you to get more attention, optimize your customer-journey, increase your click-through-rates or lower the costs per video.

Dynamic video is an ideal way to design your campaign into a fun and
shareable medium for social media platforms.

Canvas is a scalable video system designed to quickly generate large amounts of high quality videos or images specifically tailored for each and every individual viewer.

On set

On set

In the video of the customer

In the video of the customer

Making Big Data Relevant

While your customer data gives insights into the associations, patterns and trends relating to the customers interactions and behavior, Canvas uses this data to personalize and/or localize the viewing experience. Empower sales while entertaining customers.

On time, within budget, amazing platform.
C. Krautner | Chamaeleon Digital Vision


Brandspanking advises on the dynamic aspect throughout the entire process of creating a film. During the creation of the film we can take care of everything after recording, from post-production to hosting and distribution of the video content. If there are parts in this process that are already being realized by other departments or parties, that's okay, we enjoy working together!

Would you like to know more?

Call us when you want to know more about dynamic video and the next step in automated content creation. We can hold a presentation at your office at no cost*. We guarantee that a live-demo of our platform will excite and inspire. Invite your friends because it’s a group-experience.


*Offer only available in the Netherlands

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